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Herbs and petals is our personal yearning for an Ayurveda driven lifestyle with everything natural and pure, sans chemicals. As someone brought up in a family that is spiritual and simplistic, Ayurveda has always been an instrinsic part of our overall upbringing. We have always resorted to the old age science, be it for body or skin cure or overall well being. Ayurveda is an abode of knowledge and its treasures are still unexplored and inaccessible to many. Herbs and Petals is an effort to integrate into the modern skincare rituals. As a family tradition and legacy we master in the art of curating ourbody scrub and face packs with specific  ingredients and  dosages to create the perfect concoctions for you.   


Ayurveda feels more relevant today than ever before, thought the oldest wellness trend, it is packed with a punch. It rests on two main principles, first that the body and mind are intricately connected and second that nothing has been bestoned with more power of healing and tranforming than the mind itself.  Ayurveda determines beauty by Prakriti (body constitution), Sara (structural predominance), Sanhanan (compactness of body), Twak (skin completion), Praman (Measurement) and Dirghayu Lakshyana (symptom of long life). As per Ayurveda, toxins in your body cause diseases and that Sodhana (purification) is the best therapeutic intervention to eliminate body toxins.